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Rivergum College students Nick Katsaitis, 12, and Clay Smith, 13, are excited to be among the first year 8 students to study at the first Riverland non-government high school. PHOTO: Sara GilliganIT’S OFFICIAL! We are thrilled to announce that WE HAVE GROWN TO HIGH SCHOOL IN 2017, starting with Year 8. We are excited to be able to offer a genuine choice for Christian secondary education in the Riverland.

The middle school class of Years 7 and 8 will be distinguished from the primary classes with their own ‘side’ of campus and a separate recess time to accommodate differing timetable structure. Additional subjects include Agriculture and Home Economics, taught semesterly in alternating groups.

To find out more, or make an enrolment enquiry for this or subsequent years, please contact us using this form, call 8583 2304 or via Facebook.