At Rivergum College, our priority is to support students and their families to achieve good balance for learning and life.

The key is to figure out what the most important things are, and get them balanced well. Then the smaller things are just a matter of tweaking and fine tuning.

Education is preparation for life. So it makes sense to get the balance right in preparation, so that the balance will be right for life.

At Rivergum College, we believe that a child has the best preparation for life when they have a healthy balance in their family, in their personal habits and character, in their school environment, and in their spirit.

In these important early years, we work with you to help you to establish healthy, balanced patterns for learning and life.

In the family, you will do things like help them eat well, get enough sleep, provide healthy boundaries, teach them respect, honesty and kindness, sort out disagreements with brothers or sisters, help them develop responsible attitudes to work, and spend time with mum or dad in good balance. The way you work as a family is their first and most important point of balance.

In the school, we will nurture their sense of wonder, help them find answers to the big questions of life, and develop their academic skills, knowledge, attitudes and values.  We will coach them, and help them to set and achieve new goals. We place a strong emphasis on helping them to be responsible for their own learning.

For those involved in a church,  that community will help them to develop a healthy spiritual balance, develop disciplines of faith and life, worship as a community, and view the world with hope, compassion, and grace.

As the child finds balance, they learn to become independent while respecting communities and organising structures. They learn to forgive, learn to accept others, learn to see work as good, learn to respect and honour others, learn to take initiative, and become not just skilled and knowledgeable but also discerning and wise.

Together, we believe you and your family will flourish as you find your healthy balance of learning and life.