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We are preparing fresh, compelling plans for a whole new era of schooling in the Riverland, gearing up for some of the biggest changes in our school’s 30 year history!

In addition to offering an excellent education, safe environment, and low fees we are thrilled to announce the following developments.

Secondary School

For many years we have seen a need for an independent middle school option in the Riverland. Our plans are to extend our levels of learning to years 8, 9 and 10. We anticipate that the first year 8 students will be able to begin as early as 2017. Recent feedback has shown demand for years 11 and 12 also, and this will now be part of our planning and development too.

Fresh New Branding

We chose the Rivergum College name and logo to inspire strength from our regional icon, the River Red Gum tree. The name evokes images of a life long flourishing, arising from deep roots which tap into the water of life. Our faith is in Christ who gives living water.

We have revamped the uniform with fresh new items that reflect the changing needs of children and families, and incorporated design elements matching the new name and Logo.

World and Life Studies

Our love of inquiry means we help children to ask the big questions of life. We help them make sense of the world around them in the light of a Christian view of life as well as alternate views. Using a ‘compare and contrast’ approach we help children to grow their awareness and understanding of the ideas that have shaped and are shaping our world. We teach critical thinking skills that sharpen logic and reasoning, giving them an excellent basis for making life decisions. This means we do not teach one view of life to the exclusion of others. Rather, we teach children critical and creative thinking, and how to identify underlying ideas and assumptions.



The following developments remain a firm part of our vision, however community surveys have shown us we need to prioritise the Secondary School.

Early Learning and Long Day Care have a strong philosophy of purposeful play based learning, and a high quality ‘nature play’ environment the ELC establishes excellent foundations. Being able to start school when the child is ready is a key feature, and the ELC is a perfect way to develop the skills, attitudes and habits for life long learning.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Our vision for the school includes developing spaces for outdoor activity, exploring the environment, and growing and sharing good food. The Stephanie Alexander program is a key part of this very ‘hands on’ approach to life and learning. This vision will be built in with new facilities as they are developed.

Nature Play Spaces

The philosophy of the ELC and the school is to encourage active interest in the learning environment, and learn to enjoy the outdoors, take considered risks, and make confident decisions for learning and life.